About The Pregnancy Studio

    We help women maintain their Strength & Fitness safely during pregnancy!


    What you need to know!

    • We love helping expecting mums confidently navigate any challenges they face throughout their pregnancy journey
    • We help you stay strong, fit and healthy
    • We help you reduce any back or hip pain
    • We have 36+ pregnancy specialised Reformer Pilates classes per week
    • There are no lock-in contracts, you can cancel at anytime as there are no commitments
    • There are 3 types of lifestyle memberships: The Comfortable (2 classes per week)(most popular to start with), The Confident (3 classes per week), and The Unstoppable Lifestyle membership (4 classes per week).



  • Where are we located?

    3/7 Scarborough Beach Road, North Perth, WA 6006







  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Reformer Pilates for Pregnant Women

    Why start?

    Pregnancy is a time of significant change for the body. With a focus on physical and mental strength and overall fitness, our PreNatal classes are an excellent way to help your body cope with the changes you’re undergoing and prepare it for the stresses to come.

    Is it right for me?

    Mothers-to-be who regularly exercise their body well can expect to experience shorter labours and reduced lower back and pelvic pain. Only exercises that are completely safe for you and the baby will be performed.

    What will it be like?

    PreNatal classes are structured around the changing requirements of a developing pregnancy to provide an effective workout from the first trimester through to full term, all the while keeping you and bub completely safe..

    What are some of the benefits?

    • Easier pregnancy
    • Faster and healthier recovery
    • Higher energy levels
    • Stronger immune system
    • Less aches and pains
    • Maintain physical and mental strength
    • Reduce the likelihood of gestational diabetes

    Do I need a letter from my Doctor?

    If you have had or do have any complications during your pregnancy we will need a Doctors clearance letter. (this is out of safety for you and your baby)

    Will you be adding more classes to the schedule?

    Yes we will - let us know what you want! We currently have 36 x fully dedicated pregnancy reformer Pilates classes per week from Monday through to Saturday

    Is there a lock-in contract Membership?

    Absolutely not, we want you to either love it or leave it. With our lifestyle memberships there is only ever a 2 week commitment. Our lifestyle memberships are the most popular option, as they deliver the best results

    What is a Class Pass?

    A Class Pass allows you to purchase either 5, 10 or 20 classes upfront and use them any time. A Class Pass will give you the ultimate flexibility.

  • What time are classes on?

    Class Times

  • What is my investment?

    Class Pack and Membership Options

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    3/7 Scarborough Beach Road, North Perth, Western Australia 6006